Jan kasprzycki
Pronounced KAS-PRIS'-KEY

Jan Kasprzycki is fascinated by the wonders of light.

He evokes its mystic spell in scenes of radiant flowers, in cityscapes that pulse with electric zeal, in portraits that probe beneath the surface of the paint. His works appear to possess a vitality of their own. They are composed of passion; passion is what they convey.

Born in Rhode Island and raised in Southern California, Kasprzycki was educated at Art Center in Los Angeles. After graduating, he worked as a graphic designer whose talents were sought after by some of America's major corporate clients: Max Factor, 20th Century Fox and Hunt-Wesson Foods among them.

Kasprzycki moved to Maui in 1976, where at home with his wife Kathy in the island's upcountry grandeur, surrounded by eucalyptus and flowers, he is able to immerse himself in the clarity of vision and purpose that such a powerful environment provides.